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Instruction for Registration for Free Covid Vaccine and Generate Reference ID

1  Read All Step Carefully to get Register in Cowin site and get Reference ID only for 1st Dose Person


2.  For 2nd dose person only require there Certificates last Four Digit and Registered Phone No at the time of 1st dose that's only req for 2nd dose person at Covid Vaccination center.

  for 2nd dose please do not register here and no need to follow this steps.

1.  After Reading all steps click Blue button of cowin site at end of page

Type your phone Number and Get otp Type otp in OTP Line and you are SIgn in to cowin site.


Click on Register member or add member 


Select Your ID type like Adhar or PAN Card etc.


Type Adhar card no or PAN Card no. whichever you select from above


Type Name as per Adhar or Pan card without any mistake and same was appears in your certificate if it is wrong then difficult to correct.


Selct Gender Male , Female Others 


Type only your year of Birth and note a full date 


Click Blue button Register or add at the end.


Now you done your registration.

See Your Reference ID just Below Your Name Last 4 Digit in Red.

Whatsapp Your Name to 9370 9370 10
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